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Ares Electric Bike Battery

Enhance your rides with our Samsung 38V 14Ah Lithium Battery. Enjoy extended range for your electric adventures, backed by Samsung cell reliability. Lightweight and high-performing, it's the perfect accessory for your getaways.

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Regular price $495.00
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  • 48V 14Ah lithium battery

  • Battery Type: Lithium-ion

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Experience the power and reliability of our Samsung 48V 14Ah lithium battery. Engineered to meet the high demands of modern electric bicycles, this battery offers exceptional performance for your urban adventures and outdoor escapades.

With its 14 amp-hour capacity, you can enjoy extended range, allowing you to cover longer distances without worrying about frequent recharging. Premium Samsung cells ensure optimal stability and durability, providing you with confident rides.

The 36V 10Ah lithium battery is lightweight and easy to install, allowing you to maintain the balance and maneuverability of your electric bike. Moreover, its modern and compact design seamlessly integrates with your bike's aesthetics.

Embrace the innovation and performance of our 48V 14Ah battery, and transform your bike rides into exciting and limitless experiences.


  • High-quality Samsung 48V 14Ah lithium battery

  • Designed for modern electric bicycles

  • Extended range for longer rides

  • Samsung cells ensuring stability and durability

  • Lightweight and easy installation

  • Compact design seamlessly integrating with bikes

  • Optimal performance for urban and outdoor adventures

  • Reliable technology for a confident riding experience